Homer, Alaska
Reel Fun Charters
Reel Fun Charters offers a variety of full day Halibut, Salmon, and Combination or Multi-Species fishing trips.

HALIBUT are what we absolutely love to catch in Homer!  These wide and flat bottomfish feed on smaller fish and crab hiding in craggy depths anywhere from 100 - 2,000 feet in Kachemak Bay and the Cook Inlet.  Both eyes are configured on the topside of mottled brown color to camouflage from predators, while its underside belly is pure white. 

When we get to the halibut grounds, we'll anchor up and bait circle hooks.   When your pole twitches, you start reeling... a fight your arms won't soon forget!  Most halibut caught by sport anglers on charters in Alaska average 20 - 40 lbs.  A smaller percentage of halibut caught weigh between 80 -150 lbs., while the rare trophies top 250-400 lbs.  The daily limit for Halibut is 2 per person, and it's pretty rare that we we would come home without our limit of halibut.  The flavor of the firm, white meat is truly delicious.

SALMON On our full day fishing charters, we typically troll near the coastline of the many islands that lie within 20 miles of Homer.  Our method for catching Salmon is by trolling using downriggers and custom tackle.

The King or Chinook Salmon is among the most coveted game fish caught in Alaska.  These chrome bright, thick bodied fish commonly weigh between 10-50 pounds.  The return of King Salmon to Kachemak Bay runs in May and June, while the more elusive, resident feeder Kings are available year round.  The daily limit for King Salmon is 1 per person. 

The Red Sockeye and Pink Humpy Salmon arrive throughout the middle of the summer.

We often catch Silver Coho Salmon when trolling in the fall anywhere from late July well into September.  These fish are absolutely silver bright, distinguished by black spots on the back and upper tail, weighing between 10-15 pounds.  During the peak of the run, Silvers can be seen jumping everywhere -great fighters and leapers, and mighty tasty, too!  The daily limit for Silver Salmon is 3 per person.

Combining a day's trip including both species of Halibut and Salmon gives you a great Combination experience.  As the summer progresses, the species of Salmon available changes with migration.

Add $50/pp more for a Halibut/Salmon Combo Trip.

LINGCOD Openings July 1st, the fishery for these big-bellied creatures is in the deep rock bottom out toward the Chugach Islands, near the Gulf of Alaska.  These  fish can reach weights over 50 pounds and usually strike hard and run fast.

Our captains use artificial jigs and lighter tackle to coax them out of their rocky hiding places.  Although a longer trip, the fishing is more diverse with access to possibly larger halibut,  a variety of rock fish, and possible whale sightings. This is an amazing day of combination fishing.

Add $90/pp more for a Halibut/Ling Cod Combo Trip.